ESG in Action

Strengthening qualitative growth through ESG management

ESR KendallSquare REIT logistics center pursues a sustainable management by actively reflecting ESG factors in the entire asset life cycle from development, including the site selection, design, and construction of the logistics centers to operation.

In Addition, by putting ESG value at the forefront of management and effectively managing ESG risks, we are striving to have a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders and boost the long-term value.

Sustainable Asset Life Cycle

  • Sales of Assets
  • Investment Analysis & Decision
    Investment Analysis & Decision

    Analyze ESG and minimize risks about assets before making an investment decision

    • Select sustainable sites
    • Conduct an inspection on environmental, social and governance
  • Planning, Design & Development
    Planning, Design & Development

    New Construction and Remodeling:
    Minimize ESG risks and improve the performance of assets

    • Acquire new green building certification: LEED BD+C
  • Operation & Management
    Operation & Management

    Saving of operation costs, optimized operation, and continued application of new technologies

    • Establish sustainable operation and maintenance guidelines
    • Acquire green building certifications: LEED O+M, WELL Health Safety Rating, etc.
    • Monitor energy/water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation
  • Lease

    Green lease agreements