ESR Group

Largest real-estate asset management company
in APAC region


ESR was established in January 2016 through the merger of China's e-Shang, which is an unrivaled own, development, and operation company of logistics real estate in Asia, and Redwood, which is a real estate broker specializing in logistics.

Currently, ESR is the largest pan-Asian company specialized in logistics real-estate platform operation and investment.

ESR is operating and developing logistics real estate assets of around KRW 2.56 billion based on the AUM and more than 17,200,000m² based on gross floor area.

It is sponsored by world-leading investors such as APG, Equity International, PGGM, CPPIB, PAG, Morgan Stanley, CBRE, Goldman Sachs and SK Co., Ltd.

Today, ESR is building logistics centers, focusing on large cities in Asia closely related to globalization and trade and providing logistics real-estate services to not only Chinese e-commerce leading companies but also cold-chain companies.

ESR KendallSquare

No.1 logistics
real-estate platform
in Korea


ESR KendallSquare is a real-estate development company specializing in logistics that performs the development, operation and investment of large logistics infrastructure and centers across the main logistics markets in Korea.

We are leading the domestic logistics real estate market and sustainable growth by providing optimized logistic hub solutions to customers.

We are also responsible for all development processes from land purchase to stable operation through transparent management and operations.

KendallSquare REIT Management

Korea's only listed REIT management company specializing in logistics


KendallSquare REIT Management Inc. is a subsidiary of ESR Kendal Square. It was founded in May 2020.

Currently, it is managing ESR Kendal Square REIT, the only listed REIT specializing in logistics in Korea. It has contributed to not only providing reliable profits to investors through the long-term management of acquired real estates but also the transparency and advancement of the domestic real estate market in the future.

In addition, we aim to continue to develop our assets under management (AUM) and increase the shareholder value with the strong support from ESR Group, which owns the largest logistics asset portfolio in the Asia Pacific region.

KendallSquare Asset

A real-estate specialized asset management company


KendallSquare Asset Management is a subsidiary of ESR KendallSquare.

It owns a track record of developing, investing in, and operating logistics centers that meet global standards.

It pursues sustainable management by actively reflecting ESG factors throughout the entire asset life cycle, from site selection to development/investment, operation and exit.

Currently, it is actively performing new investments through the setup of general private equity funds in real estate in Korea and overseas.

It will grow into a strategic platform that can diversify the future investment portfolio.