Excellent tenant

As of Dec. 31, 2022

  • Diversified tenant portfolio consisting of domestic and multinational companies.
  • Continuous growth of third-party logistics (3PL) and e-commerce industries.
Diversified tenant

Based on contracted area (excluding vacancy)

  • E-commerce/3PL77%

  • Consumer goods23%

Tenants consisting of domestic & multinational companies

Based on contracted area (excluding vacancy)

  • Domestic company 88%

  • Multinational company 12%

Stable rental agreement

  • With the facility investment by major e-commerce tenants, the risk of rental renewal is reduced.
  • The average completion period of the entire portfolio is 3.9 years, and the weighted average lease to expiry (WALE) is 3.5 years.

Top 10 tenants (based on contracted area)

  • E-commerce/3PL

  • Consumer goods

  • (Unit: Contracted area/%, Weighted average lease period/year)

Portfolio Map