REIT specializing in
logistics is growing steadily”

ESR KendallSquare REIT is continuously growing as Korea's representative mega REIT specializing in logistics.

We aim to expand our AUM and increase the portfolio asset value, thereby ensuring stable profits in the investment portfolio and maximizing the investment value.

In addition, we strive to continuously develop our AUM and increase its value under the strong support from ESR KendallSquare.

  • Continued expansion of our portfolio

    We plan to focus our investment on modern logistics facilities with an aim to generate solid profits and continuously expand our portfolio in the mid-to-long term. Owning and operating such high-quality logistics properties over a mid/long-term horizon will ensure reliable profitability of our AUM to maximize investment value while contributing to the advancement of Korea's logistics industry.

  • High-quality asset management

    We will fully commit to maximizing the value of our assets through the sophisticated and reliable operation and management of logistics facilities. We will also make the best use of the data, knowledge and management resources made available through ESR Group in developing, operating and leasing modern logistics facilities and in managing assets. This will surely result in building robust partnerships with a range of logistics companies as well as customers.

  • Maximized asset value

    We will accelerate the growth of our Net Operating Income (NOI) by expanding assets in prime locations, securing high-quality tenants including large-size e-commerce players and market-leading 3PLs, and reducing risks occurring in relation to lease renewals. Our plan is to proactively pursue data centers with high growth potential as our future growth assets. The portfolio established as such will allow us to generate additional profits and maximize the value of our assets.

  • Sustained financial soundness

    Leveraging our exceptional financial soundness, we will ensure that our cost of borrowings remains competitive even amid the increasing interest rate cycle. Joining the FTSE Global Equity Index Series and continuously enlarging our AUM, we will emerge as a global logistics-focused REIT.

  • Strengthened ESG strategy

    Apart from quantitative growth, we also pursue qualitative growth through ESG-driven management. Our key portfolio assets will strengthen their compliance with tightening ESG requirements including but not limited to facility safety. We also focus on the development of modern logistics facilities that leave minimum environmental footprint in water and power consumption.

  • Dividend growth

    We maintain our dividend yields higher than those of other global large-size logistics REITs, as part of our strategy to continuously upsize our operations. As a leader in Korea’s logistics platform industry, ESR KendallSquare REIT will facilitate investment in the logistics industry and assist investors in increasing the value of their assets to cement its leading position in the REIT market.