ESG Management

ESG Management

Sustainability involves taking into account environmental, social, and governance factors in all facets of corporate operations for ESR KendallSquare REIT.

Our objective is to enhance shareholder value while making Positive impacts on society and the environment for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders.

  • Eco-friendly Assets

    We are focusing our abilities on creating and managing eco-friendly assets in order to create a sustainable future and environment because we are not happy with our existing performance.

    • Sustainable & Efficient Operations
    • Sustainable Building Certifications
    • Climate Change Resilience
    • Biodiversity and Habitat Protection
    • Flexible & Adaptable Properties
    • Strategic Locations
  • Human Centric

    In order to create a sustainable future and environment, we are focusing our talents on environmentally friendly asset management.

    By doing this, we hope to coexist and prosper with the tenants, local communities, employees, and other stakeholders of ESRKendallSquare REIT.

    • Safety, Health & Well-being
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Community Investment
    • Managing & Developing Talent
    • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Corporate Governance

    We are boosting business value and maximizing shareholder value based on open governance and responsible management.

    • Financial Performance
    • Investor Relations
    • Responsible Investing & Finance
    • Corporate Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Disclosure & Reporting